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Safe Fencing Already Exists

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Print flyers or download copies to give to neighbors, business owners, pediatricians, HOAs, parks and rec departments, preschools and daycares.

Click on a flyer to print or save 
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Safe fencing options already exist, ones that will not impale and/or entrap people and animals.   Your voice is needed now and will make a difference!  Share Kade's story and build awareness of the danger in so many backyards, daycares, preschools, playgrounds, and communities!  It is our hope that sharing Kade's story will lead to fence regulation, code, and law changes that will prevent future injuries and deaths.
Share Kade's Story

When many voices come together, we can make a difference!  Share Kade's story on Facebook  and Instagram; tell your pediatrician at your next visit; share with your insurance company and agent; write to home builders and ask them to not install this type of fencing; visit a fence supply store and share the story, then ask for the fencing to be removed from the inventory; share with your homeowners association; tell Kade's story on Next-door; send to your local news station.


Contact Your Representatives

Change happens when people make it happen.  We need your support to spread the word and let law makers know that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.  Join us in creating new codes and regulations that keep children, animals, and adults safe from fencing injuries and deaths.  If you live in Texas, click here to see who represents you.  

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The Playful Child is a 501 c3 non profit created to honor Kade's life and memory.  Donations are gladly accepted to further the organization's mission and goal of healthier kids through play.  We are currently fundraising to build The Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park along the beautiful San Gabriel River Trail in Georgetown, TX.  Your contribution and support are greatly appreciated!

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