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Interested in Ways to Modify Your Fence?

All of the suggestions listed below are cost effective and impactful ways to change your existing fence without a total replacement.  Any fence contractor or company should be able to assist with the modifications.  


The fencing industry is aware that spiked and exposed picket fencing is dangerous and has already designed ways to modify and create a flat topped fence.  

Option 1: Cut and File the exposed pickets off your existing fence

In this 43 second video, Hamil Cooper of Lakeway, TX shows how you can modify your own exposed picket fence.  He said, "You do not need to hire a fence expert unless you just want to. You can cut off the spikes with a sawzall and then plug the holes with plugs that are available from Amazon for $40 per 100. It took me about 2 hours to cut 290 spikes."

Before: Exposed pickets endangered children and animals

Playground Change.jpg

This home owner was concerned about fence safety after hearing about Kade's death.  They hired a company to come out and cut the spikes off and file them smooth on 5 acres of fencing!  This project cost less than $1000.00 for 5 acres of wrought iron fencing to be modified.

Playground change2.jpg
playground change 3.jpg

After: The flat topped design provides a visually appealing safe enclosure around the play area and property.

Wood picket fences are dangerous too!  

Comm Montess.jpg

This traditional wood picket fence was  modified by cutting off the pickets to create a flat topped fence.

Option 2: Add a bar across the top of the existing exposed pickets


Before: exposed pickets are a danger to public safety and create personal liability

Add Bar 3 grocery store.jpg
Add bar 2.jpg

After: A metal bar was welded onto the top of the existing exposed pickets to create a flat topped fence.  



Thank you to Nina Davis and Graceland Grocery for making this important change and sharing these images.

Option 3: Install a Coyote Roller at the top of your fence

According to Colorado Coyote Rollers, "A Coyote Roller is a 4-foot, aluminum extruded ribbed roller designed as a deterrent to prevent animals from getting the foothold they need to climb over a fence. It is simple, safe, humane, requires no power source, maintenance free, and constructed to last a lifetime."  This simple device keeps animals pets and children in and unwanted visitors out. 

Coyote Roller Fence.png

This YouTube Video shows how it works to keep a dog safely in his yard.

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