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 fighting for change to fencing laws in honor of a life cut short
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Download and print a flyer to handout in your community.  Send Kade's Krusaders Letter for Change to decision makers! Help raise awareness about the dangers and promote safe fencing options everywhere!


Make safe fencing a priority!  Protect the ones you love.

Watch and share this video to help raise awareness. 

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In this 40 second video, you will learn how to modify an exposed picket fence. 

"You do not need to hire a fence expert unless you just want to. You can cut off the spikes with a sawzall and then plug the holes with plugs that are available from Amazon for $40 per 100. It took me about 2 hours to cut 290 spikes."


Two head stones for two lives cut short.  Both Kade and Sarah died trying to climb exposed picket fences.  Sarah and Kade were right about the same age, but died 117 years apart.  Sarah's relative saw a post about Kade and contacted us.  How many other children have died this way?  Are you willing to roll the dice and take the chance that the next death won't be your child, grandchild, or occur at your business or property?  Make safety a priority!  Flat topped fencing saves lives.


May 2018

Community Montessori School changes their fence

Upon learning about Kade's accident, Community Montessori School made immediate changes to the white picket fence in front of the Nido room.  The pickets protruding from the top of the fence were cut off to make the fence a flat top structure, eliminating the fence danger.

September 2018

KVUE News in Austin, TX airs a story about Kade's death
KVUE News Story about Kade Damian's Death

February 2019

The City Council of Lakeway, TX votes unanimously to pass an ordinance requiring flat topped fencing moving forward!

Lakeway City Council approved city ordinance for continuously flat topped fencing in honor of Kade Damian

Austin American Statesman News Article about Lakeway fence ordinance

September 2019

KVUE News Story about Building Kade's memorial park and about Kade death (One Year Later)

July 2018

The Playful Child: healthier kids mentally and physically is born.

After Kade's death, his mother needed a way to continue to share Kade with the world.  Very early on, it was decided that a playground and park would be the perfect way to honor Kade's memory.  In order to raise funds for the project, Kade's mother formed a non profit organization.  While the park is a major focus for the new non profit, so is the ultimate goal of promoting play as an essential element of healthy total child development.  To learn more about this work of heart, visit the organizations website. Help build Kade's Park!

October 2018

CBS News in Austin, TX airs a story about Kade's death
CBS news story about Kade Damian's Death

June 2019

Williamson County Sun News Article about building Kade's Park and working for safe fencing
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